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The Tecno Logica Group

Tecno Logica was founded in 1998 because the need for industrial automation and robotic solutions was felt by its founder Mr. Mirko Piasentin. It became a highly qualified partner for major industrial groups for solving complex engineering problems as well as developing production processes for mechanical work, assembly stations and testing machines.


Tecno Logica is registered with the National Research Laboratory Registry for developing competitive methods on several levels: reduced production costs, targeted innovation in production processes, and products with unique quality characteristics which may be developed and co-funded by public grants. Consequently Tecno Logica is an ISO:9001 certified enterprise.


Proquadro was founded in 2008 with two other partner companies. The goal was to expand into the highly competitive automotive sector. Meanwhile Proquadro is 100% owned by Mr. Piasentin and an integral part of the Tecno Logica Group.

ISO 9001 Certification