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Architectural door machining line


Final product
Final product

Architectural door machining line

Tecno Logica has developed complete solutions for automatic architectural door manufacturing. The solution increase throughput by more than 100% compared to conventional lines and enhance quality standards at the same time through an optimised process capability.

Lead times are shortened to less than 24 hours after order entry through an innovative and flexible production planning software. The line can handle sizes from  0,6 x 1,8 m up to 1,2 x 3,0 m (W x H) and a numberless combination of designs, composition, machining patterns and surface finishes.

The overall cost reduction per piece may be up to 70% depending on line volume.



  • 24/7 production with an efficiency >95%
  • Fully automatic process including cross checking of physical properties (width, height, thickness, edge shape) vs. barcode improving product quality
  • Improved safety through 100% hands-free handling from destacking and infeed of raw panels after, to stacking of fully machined doors
  • Reduced equipment footprint by more than 50% and work in progress, in comparison with previous machining through standard woodworking machines
  • Average cycle time: 30 seconds per door
  • Workforce contribution per door reduced by more than 90%