Progetto finanziato con il POR FESR 2014 – 2020 - Attività 1.3.a DGR 1232/2017 Friuli Venezia Giulia

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Table leg production line


Final product
Final product

Table leg production line


Tecno Logica develops custom made solutions for manufacturers of furniture components. Our goal is always to bring productivity to a new level, enhance product quality and offer the most competitive cost per piece produced.

The solution optimizes the production of table legs with a fully automated high-speed cutting, drilling and milling line.


  • 24/7 production with an efficiency >95%
  • Dimensional Tolerances: +- 0,1 mm
  • Automatic handling of the complete process including the special requirements for the robotic output stations:
    The product shall be delivered wrapped with decoration paper, with inside chipboard spacers, and with pilot holes for fasteners and chamfer all around the base contour
  • Software enabling the production of legs of various sizes without extra setup routines
  • 3 high-speed lines with a maximum combined throughput of 330 pieces/minute resulting in more than 140 Mio. table legs output per year